Vogue and YouTube Originals Documentary Series “Supreme Models” Chronicles History, Impact and Influence of Black Models (WATCH TRAILER)

Vogue and YouTube Originals explore the legacy of Black models with a six-part documentary series based on Marcellas Reynolds’ 2019 book, SUPREME MODELS: Iconic Black Women Who Revolutionized Fashion.

The series chronicles the evolution of Black beauty and its impact on the fashion industry, the civil rights movement, the “Black is Beautiful” era and the influence on American culture:

Supreme Models features trailblazers such as Iman and Bethann Hardison to superstar models Joan Smalls, Indya Moore and Precious Lee with legends including Pat Cleveland, Roshumba Williams and Veronica Webb.

Anna Wintour, Chief Content Officer, Condé Nast and Global Editorial Director, Vogue, as well as Vogue European Editorial Director Edward Enniful, Vogue.com editor Chioma Nnadi and more also share personal stories of these boundary breaking women who set new standards in the worlds of beauty and fashion – from the 1960s to the unlimited potential of the digital age today.


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